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14 pack | original |

14 pack | original |

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These are the Shnoozey Originals - They come in a pack of 14 

Experience the freedom of easy breathing with our Shnoozey Nasal Strips. These innovative adhesive strips are designed to gently and comfortably lift and open your nasal passages, providing you with instant relief from congestion and snoring. Say goodbye to restless nights and hello to revitalizing sleep.

Key Features:

  • Easy Application: Shnoozey Nasal Strips are simple to apply and provide quick relief without the need for medications or sprays.
  • Comfortable Design: Crafted from skin-friendly materials, these strips are gentle on your skin and won't leave residue.
  • 24-Hour Relief: Whether you need help during the night or throughout the day, Shnoozey Nasal Strips are designed for around-the-clock congestion relief.
  • Improved Airflow: Shnoozey Nasal Strips promote better airflow, reducing snoring and improving overall breathing comfort.
  • Latex-Free: Safe for those with latex allergies or sensitivities.

Rediscover the joy of uninterrupted sleep and easier breathing with Shnoozey Nasal Strips. Breathe better, live better.

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